2016 Events

OSA Annual General Meeting. 

Date: Monday 19th September  2016
Time: 5:00pm – 6:00 pm
Venue: Quadrangle, The Refectory,The University of Sydney

Post Annual General Meeting dinner.
Venue: Goen Japanese restaurant, 29 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. Tel. 8084 8371 Enquiries and dinner attendance: Please contact Seiko Yasumoto by Wednesday 14th September 2016
Telephone: 9351 4716, Fax: 9351 2319, email: seiko.yasumoto@sydney.edu.au


Two esteemed Japanologists in the School of Languages and Cultures of The University of Sydney, who are long-standing Members of The Oriental Society, have both received 2016 (Heisei 28) Japanese Spring Imperial Decorations during this year.

Emeritus Professor Hugh Clarke, OSA President,  was Guest of Honour at a Dinner at the Consulate-General of Japan on 25th August,  when “The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon”,  was bestowed on him by H.E. Consul-General  Mr. Masato Takaoka. Many of Hugh’s accomplishments were cited in recognition of his contribution to the advancement of Japanese Studies, Japanese language education and the creation of mutual Japan-Australia understanding.

Hugh’s first study of Japanese was in the BA program at the University of Sydney, followed by study for a Master’s degree in Japanese dialectology and historical linguistics at Tokyo Metropolitan University  and  then a Ph.D at the University of Sydney. After teaching at the University of London, Hugh  was appointed  to the University of Sydney in 1978, where  he further built up his international reputation in linguistics and Okinawan Studies. By 1988, Hugh was  Professor of Japanese Studies and Head of the Department of East Asian Studies and although he has formally retired from teaching he continues to contribute to the centre of excellence which he helped to build.

Family members, friends and long-standing colleagues, including several fellow OSA Members, were invited to the  fine Dinner to celebrate the Imperial Honour bestowed on  Hugh. Dr.Duk-Soo Park was able to record the occasion with a series of photographs.

Also amongst the guests at the Dinner was Honorary Associate Professor Sakuko Matsui, who had herself attended a ceremony in Tokyo in the spring to receive the award of “The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Rays”. This Honour was conferred  in recognition of her promotion of Japanese language and Japanese Studies at the University of Sydney and beyond since her arrival in Australia in 1961. She came to the University as the first native Japanese speaker since the Pacific War to join the Department of Oriental Studies. The Department had taught Japanese langguage and history since 1918 and was rejuvenated by Professor A.R. (Bertie) Davis after his arrival in 1956.  A celebratory Luncheon was held  in honour of Sakuko on 1st September  at The Consulate-General of Japan by H.E. Consul-General  Mr. Masato Takaoka.

Photographs  taken by Dr. Duk-Soo Park may be viewed in the Photo Gallery.

Video Clips of the Award Ceremony are available HERE.

Obituary: Dr Margaret Tudor South.

VALE: Dr. Margaret Tudor South  (1926 – 2016)

We note with sadness the passing in June this year of Dr. Margret Tudor South, who was one of the first group of students to begin a study of Chinese at the University of Sydney under Professor A. R. (Bertie) Davis in 1956. Amongst our OSA Members, fellow students from those early days  well remember Margaret’s cheery nature, her devotion to Classical Chinese and her meticulous scholarship.

 Before taking up the study of Chinese, Margaret had  graduated with a qualification in library science, and a  BA at the University of Sydney and she worked as Graduate Librarian in The Fisher Library. She later went on to study for her doctorate at the ANU with a thesis on the Tang Dynasty poet Li Ho (Li He), followed by a year at Cambridge.

From 1967, Margaret taught classical Chinese at The University of Auckland, where she became a major influence on the development of Asian Language and Literatures in New Zealand while her publications were highly regarded globally. She assumed a number of leadership roles at The University and in the wider academic community in New Zealand until her retirement in 1992.

We  extend our sympathy to members of Margaret’s family, her friends and her colleagues.

A commemorative tribute written by Professor Richard T. Phillips from The School of Asian Studies, The University of Auckland will appear in the next issue of  
The Journal of The Oriental Society (JOSA 48, 2016).

Articles written by Margaret South in previous copies of JOSA:

‘Li Ho – a scholar-official of the Yüan-ho period (806-821)’, Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, 2 no. 2 (1964), pp. 64-81.

 ‘Li Ho and the new Yüeh-fu moment’, Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, 4 no. 2 (1966), pp. 49-61.

‘Po Chü-i’s “The observatory tower” ’, Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, 9 no. 1/2 (1972-3), pp. 3-13.

OSA 60th Anniversary Dinner Address

Date: Thursday 18th August 2016
Time: 6:30pm for 7:00-10:00 pm
Venue: Golden Century Seafood Restaurant, 393-399 Sussex St, Sydney. Tel: (02) 9212 3901


Title: In Search of Love and Truth (This address will appear in JOSA 48, 2016)

The Oriental Society of Australia  (OSA) celebrated the 60th Anniversary of its creation by Professor A. R. Davis, Foundation Professor of Chinese at The University of Sydney, at an Anniversary Dinner on August 18.

Professor Hugh Clarke, President of OSA, was delighted that Dr. A. M. (Jack) Harris MM, one of the first students of Chinese at the University, has accepted an invitation to give an address on that occasion. Jack has agreed to its publication subsequently in The Journal of The Oriental Society of Australia (JOSA).

Jack is a prize-winning author, who has recently written a memoir “Seize the Day,” which tells the story of his remarkable life.  Growing up as a child of the depression years, he became a soldier decorated for bravery, an agent in ASIO and, later, a director in the overseas arm of a large Australian company trading  in Asia.

Amongst several earlier books are two graphic novels on the Korean War. They have been cited in the official history of Australia’s participation in that conflict as being the most significant contributions to literature derived from it.

Download Event Flyer: OSA 60’s Anniversary August 18th 2016 invitation flyer

 “Seize the Day” is available through the internet and also at the Sydney-based War Book Shop, where you may contact  –
  Clive Baker
  Tel.  02-9542 6771 or 0424-235 885.
  Email: warbookshop@bigpond.com
  Opening hours are by appoinment only: 9.00 -5.00 Mon-Fri   
  Address: 2/78 Bellingara Road 
                            Miranda, NSW 2228

Executive Committee Meeting

Date: Monday 27 June 2016
Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm
Venue: New Common Room, Brennan MacCallum BuildingA18

1.   Apologies
2.   Minutes of the EC meeting, 21st March 2016
3.   Matters arising from the Minutes
4.   Editor’s report 
5.   Yasuko’s report 
6.   Treasurer’s report
7.   60th anniversary of OSA 2016 (Thursday 18 August)
8.   AR Davis lecture (Monday 3rd October)
9.   2016 lecture program
10.  Date for AGM 
11.  Any other business

2015 Events:

Commemorating the 70th anniversary since the AsiaPacificWar