JOSAH Vol. 53


Mei Lanfang 梅兰芳, Eisenstein and Zhu Guifang 朱桂芳in Moscow, March–April 1935, photographer unknown.Source: RGALI, Moscow. From Helen Grace’s article “‘The primary sources of “the magic of art”‘: Eisenstein and East Asia”

JOSAH Vol. 53 

We are delighted to introduce the latest issue of the Journal of the Society for Asian Humanities (JOSAH), marking the first under the new editor and the second under our current name. As one of the oldest ongoing Humanities journals in Australia, JOSAH takes pride in its independence, which stems from not being affiliated with any major information companies and from being situated outside of Britain and the United States.

Our renewal process has included supporting new scholars in the field, with this year’s Emerging Scholar Award given to Soo Choi for her work on an adaptive translation of Han Kang’s The Vegetarian. In addition, we are pleased to feature Estelle Rust’s article on the connection between fandom and tourism in Japan, which received an honorable mention. Since 1960, JOSAH has published works from distinguished writers on Asia, not limited to those based in Australia. This issue continues the tradition by featuring Devleena Ghosh’s 2020 A.R. Davis Memorial Lecture for the Australian Society for Asian Humanities, as well as articles by Kam Louie, Susette B.T. Cooke, and David S.G. Goodman. The diverse approaches and methodologies found in this volume illustrate the evolution of Humanities research on Asia since 1960.

Alongside main articles and the A.R. Davis Lecture, we are also excited to publish a special feature—an annotated catalogue of the Kwee Collection at the University of Sydney by Tom Hoogervorst. Moreover, we extend a warm welcome to our new review editors, Mei-fen Kuo and Craig Smith, and acknowledge the efforts of our Managing Editor, Josh Stenberg, and Associate Editor, Meaghan Morris, in revitalizing the journal. We are grateful for the hard work and generosity of all our reviewers during these challenging times.

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Editor’s introduction
Editor’s introduction Adrian Vickers 1-2
The 2020 A.R. Davis memorial lecture Devleena Ghosh 3-21
Emerging scholars
‘Found’ in translation: A relational approach to Deborah Smith’s translation of Han Kang’s ‘the vegetarian’ Soo Choi 22-44
Contents tourists and content production: The negotiation of site narratives by ‘Token Ranbu’ fans in Japanese domestic tourism Estelle Rust 45-70
Ideal Chinese masculinity prior to ‘Wen-wu’: Some thoughts on the ‘Caizi’ Jia Baoyu Kam Louie 71-93
The idea of Qinghai: A century of territorialisation and competing identities Susette BT Cooke; David SG Goodman 94-131
Appointing the ‘Peichen’ from the Southern Tang: With an emphasis on background and significance Ng Pak-sheung 132-165
Human nature versus human agency: A different perspective on Kang Youwei’s philosophy of history Sean Moores 166-197
‘The primary sources of “the magic of art”‘: Eisenstein and East Asia Helen Grace 198-230
Reading and acting in early modern Kabuki: Browsing the library of Ichikawa Danjuro II Tove Bjork 231-263
An argument for ‘Rakugo’ as literature M W Shores 264-284
Special feature
The Kwee collection at the fisher library, university of Sydney: An annotated list of Chinese-Malay publications Tom Hoogervorst 285-356
Review article
Pure invention or pure fantasy?: A critical review of a popular history of transnational Japanese media fandom Thomas Baudinette 357-374
Book reviews
Queer Taiwanese literature: A reader Sophia Huei-Ling Chen 375-377
Wayward distractions: Ornament, emotion, zombies and the study of Buddhism in Thailand John Clark 377-384
The great exodus from China: Trauma, memory, and identity in modern Taiwan Mei-Fen Kuo 384-387
The Asian modern Zoran Poposki 387-389
Musicophilia in Mumbai: Performing subjects and the metropolitan unconscious Jim Sykes 389-392
Chineseness and the cold war: Contested cultures and diaspora in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong Austin Tseng 392-395
Sun Yatsen, Robert Wilcox and their failed revolutions, Honolulu and canton 1895: Dynamite on the tropic of cancer John Wong 395-398
Literary representations of ‘mainlanders’ in Taiwan: Becoming Sinophone Chia-rong Wu 398-401
Asah seminars
ASAH seminars, April 2021- September 2022 402-404