Journal of the Society for Asian Humanities

The Journal of the Society for Asian Humanities (JOSAH) has been published since 1960 by the Australian Society for Asian Humanities.

Publishing Schedule

The journal is published annually.

Archiving & access:

  • JOSAH volumes are available on Informit.
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Revenue Sources

JOSAH and the Australian Society for Asian Humanities acknowledge the support granted by the China Studies Centre, the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre and the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Sydney.

Advertising & Marketing

JOSAH firmly adheres to a policy of non-commercialization and prioritizes academic integrity above all. We do not engage in any form of advertising. The decision-making process, content, and reader engagement are not influenced by any advertising considerations, and no advertisements are displayed in conjunction with our published content. Similarly, we do not participate in any direct marketing activities. Solicitation of manuscripts for our journal is strictly based on scholarly merit and relevance to the field of Asian Humanities.