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Reading Through Recovered Ancient Chinese Manuscripts

Edited by Shirley Chan

Published in 2020, Reading Through Recovered Ancient Chinese Manuscripts draws on recently discovered texts to shed new light on basic concepts thereby also questioning much received interpretation of classical works. Including chapters in both Chinese and English, the work will become an indispensable reference work for those interested in the development of the philosophical ideas and cosmogonic myths of ancient China.


1 上古宇宙生成論的創世文化思維 Ancient Chinese Creation Myths and Cosmogony Cai Xianjin

2 From Nothing to Something: Reading the Shanghai Museum’s Hengxian 恆先 (Constancy, at the Outset) Shirley Chan

3 The Early Chinese Concept of de 德 Li Rui

4 馬王堆帛書《易傳》的哲學思想 Philosophical Thinking in the Mawangdui Silk Manuscripts Yizhuan 易傳 Ding Sixin

5 Reading Laozi 老子 Section 54 Barbara Hendrischke

6 說《性自命出》的“牛生而倀”及相關問題 An Interpretation of “Niusheng er chang” 牛生而倀 in the Guodian Bamboo Xingzimingchu 性自命出 Chen Jian

7 《論語》鄉黨篇“色斯擧矣”新証:兼釋帛書《五行》篇的“色然” A New Exposition of 色斯擧矣 in the Confucian Analects and an Analysis of 色然 in the Mawangdui Silk Manuscripts “Wuxing” Liao Mingchun

8 Scholars’ Backgrounds and Their Impact on Reading Newly Discovered Texts: Approaches to “Zhongxin zhi dao” 忠信之道 Michael Schimmelpfennig

9 “Kong Zi Had Audience with Ji Huanzi” 孔子見季桓子 and Its Place in Confucian Intellectual History of the Warring States Era Scott Cook

10 上博楚簡有關孔子師徒的記載及其與《論語》的關係 Records of Confucius and His Disciples in the Shanghai Museum Chu Bamboo Manuscripts and Their Relationship with the Confucian Analects Guo Qiyong

11 The Curse of Female Trigrams in the Fourth-Century bce Stalk Divination Text Shifa 筮法 Constance Cook

12 Friend or Foe? Gift-Giving as Read in Ode 64 “Mugua” 木瓜, “Kongzi shilun” 孔子詩論and Related Commentaries Daniel Lee

13 “Rhapsody on the Divine Crows” (Shenwu fu 神烏賦), Third Century bce: Theme, Literary History and Gender Lily Xiao Hong Lee

14 The Lost Link: The Place of Yunyao ji 雲謠集 in the Birth of ci 詞 Lyrics Lily Xiao Hong Lee